As we all know that Nigeria and Nigerians can no longer survive on crude oil alone as a mono-economy nation, agriculture have become the area the Government is looking at for sustainability.
The new song in Nigeria in the recent time is ‘we should go back to agriculture; we should go back to agriculture’. The question now is – can everybody be a Framer? It is capital No!
That notwithstanding, especially this time that the prices of all essential commodities are skyrocketing. It will be an economic error if an entrepreneur is not smart enough to venture into agriculture at this time when Ike Oda (paint plastic) of gari is now N600 from former N350.
Interestingly, agriculture is very huge and there are unending opportunities abound in it.
Our correspondent visited Ihunbo in Ipokia Local Government area of Ogun State, where Meritchoice Profitloaded had organised individual from diverse background that are seriously engaging in outstanding commercial farming.
During interaction with the convener, Mr Gbeminiyi said Nigerians hadn’t seen anything yet. He said “when people hear about agriculture, what comes to mind is soiling of one’s hands with dirt and doing some hard and laborious work”. No, agriculture is becoming interesting now.
Truly to his submission, agricxpress saw a lot of farmers in their neat attire while farming activities is amazingly going on perfectly on the farm. Our correspondent also visited the vegetable section of the farms covering about 20 acres and expanded plot of land demarcated for cultivation of water melon and other cover crops.
The convener revealed the future plans of the farm. He said in the nearest future this farm would be cultivating different food crops, cash crops, poultry, fishery, and goat rearing may be incorporated in the farms. Agro-allied industries like tomatoes paste processing, yam flour, powder ogi (pap) and the opportunities seem unending.


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