Nigeria is gradually becoming rice giant in the continent Africa. Nigeria with the population of about 180 million with majority of the citizen reside in rural settings are now ready to take the bull by the horns in producing her own rice instead of depending on Thailand and India rice. According to the representative of the Rice Millers Association of Nigeria, as monitored by our correspondent on Radio Link on Saturday, 15th August, 2015. Radio link is Nigeria Radio phoning programme featuring every Saturday on all Federal radio stations. The best time to tackle rice industry in Nigeria is now. The reason being that, India, who is one of the major rice importing countries to Nigeria may be facing crises in her rice industries. This is so because her population is increasing astronomically in comparison with the rice production. In the next five years, India may not have rice to import because her population is increasing beyond her rice production, source who may not like his name in print declared to our correspondent. Federal Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with other stakeholders like Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Rice Miller Association of Nigeria and other related agencies are intensifying efforts to increase rice production on Nigeria. This was part of the agreement reached at the meeting held on 24th May, 2014. where quota were given to rice importers. Now that government is ready to lead in this responsibility, Agricxpress advises that all hands must be on deck to continue increasing the production from the present 900 million metric tonnes and 24 rice milling stations. Effort into the cost of production should also be considered. The cost of transportation, infrastructural problems and availability of funds to investors should be priority. Our Research institutions should be further empowered to continue coming out with improved seeds. Building of more Silos, investment in mechanisation, provision of irrigation and soft loan to farmers should be looked into. 1. Access to bank loan at reduced rates. 2. Access to farm inputs like fertilizer, seeds etc
3. Training to all stakeholders. 4. Access to market, if farmer sells, he produces more, and if he doesn’t sell he produces less. Are our youths ready to be part of this movement? Youth Corp. members that are interested should be supported. Engaging the young generation right from the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in agricultural businesses should be encouraged. Security agencies at the country’s borders should be empowered to enforce the present law of curbing the activities of rice smuggling through border posts. Every state of the Federation should earmarked lands and funds in the production of rice in their respective State because ecology supports rice production in any state in Nigeria. Posted in knerds on october 14, 2013 by essay pro jonathan bethune in this video series, we’ll feature different knerds explaining problems, concepts, equations, and projects that pertain to their work here at knewton. Agricxpress wishes Nigeria the best in this laudable movement. Agricxpress will not stop reporting agriculture progress in Nigeria. Brought to you by: www. agricxpress. com , Nigeria’s No. 1 Agriculture Reporter


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