Organic Agriculture, A Singular Way to Solve Health Hazard

A university lecturer at the Department of Crop and Environmental Protection, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria, Pro. Timoth Olabiyi had advised Nigeria’s farmers to embrace organic agriculture.
Pro. Olabiyi reiterated this in Ejigbo, Osun State at a traning organized by the Organic Agriculture Innovation Platform in Nigeria for farmers in Oyo and Osun States.
While delivering his lecture, Pro Olabiyi said farmers should embrace organic agriculture for better yields and reduce the health hazard associated with consumption of crops with high chemical residue.
According to him, organic agriculture enhances soil fertility and leads to better yields. Plants and insects that are needed to improve soil nutrients are always destroyed with the uncontrolled use of herbicide and pesticide aimed at destroying pests.
He further emphasized that organic agriculture can feed the whole world comfortably and that it was not correct that going organic will lead to food shortage.
He itemized some of the benefits of going organic as;
1. The land will become more fertile without synthetics fertilizers
2. Weeds and pests will be controlled effectively without herbicide and pesticide
3. The problems associated with the environmental degradation will be overcome.
He added emphatically that “Our farmers use chemical anyhow. Some of them believe that without chemicals like herbicide, pesticide and synthetic fertilizers, they cannot go to farm, but this is not true”
“These chemicals pollute the underground water and high residue of the chemicals in our crops also causes sickness and death. That is one reason why most farm produce from Nigeria are rejected in the international market.
Also at the training, The Head, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Dr Wumi Ipinmoroti, said organic agriculture was not limited to growing crops, adding that those engaged in livestock production should also embrace it.
In his remark, Dr Ipinmoroti stated that embracing organic way of raising livestock was environmental friendly and would definitely reduce the health implications of eating livestock produced inorganically.
Editorial Desk: We, at agricxpress agree that the time has come and indeed the time is now when Nigeria farmers should start producing organically. With organic agriculture, Nigeria farmers can produce for Nigerians and to even export.

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