Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS), a regulatory body under Federal Ministry of Agriculture And Water Resources, was created for the harmonization of plant, veterinary and aquatic resources (fisheries) quarantine in Nigeria to promote and regulate sanitary (animal and fisheries health) and phytosanitary connection with the import and export of agricultural with a view to minimizing the risk to agricultural economy, food safety and the environment.

The main objective of NAQS is to prevent the introduction, establishment and spread of animal and zoonotic diseases as well as pests of plants and fisheries including their products.

NAQS also undertakes emergency protocol to control or manage new pest incursion or disease outbreak in collaboration with key stakeholders.

NAQS ensures that agricultural exports meet international standards in line with International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). Its operations are guided by the enabling legislation enacted by the National Assembly and SPS regulations and schedules. In fact, the bill for further amendment is deposited with the National Assembly.

NAQS main objective is to protect the agriculture economy of Nigeria by safe guarding against introduction of dangerous pests through unrestricted importation of plants, seeds and other agricultural products.

The Nigeria Agriculture Quarantine Service (NAQS), has Quarantine Inspectors at the frontier stations like International Airports, Seaports, Land Borders and Parcel Post Office, all in an attempt to check passenger baggage, ships, aircraft, motor vehicles, containers from introducing exotic pests into the country.

In other to forestall the introduction of these pests into the country, there are 46 quarantine surveillance stations spread strategically across all the six geo-political regions of the country. For this purpose, facilities like Export/Import Inspection Laboratories, Fumigation Chambers and Incinerators are provided at designated border stations and at the Headquarters to facilitate the enforcement of quarantine regulations.

Further information about the activities of NAQS is lodged here

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